We don’t come back, we do it right the first time.

Shandyman specialities


1. Shingles, Cedar & Flat Roofs (non-flammable products)
2.Vent Work
3. Chimney Work
4.Metal Work
5. Eavestroughs, Gutter, Fascia, & Soffit Work
6. Window Cladding 
7. Wood Replacement 
8.Ice & Water Shields 
9. Skylights
10. Siding


1. Interior/Exterior Commercial & Residential
2. Wallpaper Removal 
3. Staining 
4. Baseboard Work 
5.Wall Patching & Drywall Wall Repairs 
6. Mudding, Taping & Sanding
7. Power Washing & Repainting 
8. Wood & Siding Reconditioning 
9. Designing 
10. Consulting

carpentry & Renovations

1. Residential Additions
2. New Builds
3. Residential & Commercial Renovations
4. Decks, Fences & Sheds
5. Backyard Structures & Landscaping
6. Custom Carpentry
7. Garages & Carports
8. Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC
9. Wheelchair Accessible Housing
10. Kitchens, Bathrooms & Basements

shandyman logo


We don't come back, we do it right the first time.


Don’t just let anyone build or repair your roof, because the leak will start above your head and end in your wallet. ShandyMan Contracing Inc. does the job right the first time. Passion and experience are paramount in roofing. With ShandyMan, every roof is a work of art. ShandyMan enhances your building and sets a new standard for what your roof could be. Whether it be shingles, cedar, slate or flat roofs, passion fuels the ShandyMan team and tools to keep you dry.


Custom designs for commercial and residential projects require people, precision and high quality materials. ShandyMan Contracting Inc. will ensure you are proud of your space. With over 20 years of experience and an eye for detail, you’ll never have to make the same call again, because you’ve just made the best one.

carpentry & Renovations

The right design should inspire you to build and that's how every project starts with ShandyMan Contracting Inc. Every build is a piece of art and should set a new standard. ShandyMan offers custom designs for both commercial and residential projects that are sure to keep you satisfied for years to come.


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