Every Day is a Blessed Day.



This core value runs deep in the Shand family - passed down from Shane’s father who worked very hard to leave a legacy worth following. You can see it on the faces of friends, family, employees and customers of ShandyMan Contracting Inc. Love and leadership is at the centre of this organization.



One has to be passionate about their craft in order to be successful in this business - it can be tough and the work isn’t always pretty. For anyone who’s ever worked with "The ShandyMan", the first thing you’ll notice is his passion for life, family and work.  Passion is wildly reflected in ShandyMan Contracting Inc.'s long lasting relationships and successful projects across the Greater Toronto Area.



Founder, Shane Shand truly believes in living a life of purpose and meaning. ShandyMan Contracting Inc. provides that opportunity for its employees through the example Shane and his team have been setting from an early age. Growing up in Toronto’s Beaches, and learning from his father, he now brings over 20 years of experience as a General Contractor with key specialities. Shane is now able to live out his own dream through the art of enhancing commercial and residential properties.


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